One of a kind

MyNotifi® is a one-of-a-kind medical alert wristband that notifies family and friends automatically via an easy-to-use smartphone app if your loved one falls. They can keep living the active life they love. You can rest easy knowing you'll be instantly notified if they ever need your help.

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No button to push to receive help in an emergency

Introducing one of a kind MyNotifi Mitigating Features

We often hear how family members find loved ones after hours of lying on the floor or being incapacitated for some reason. It is known that with each passing hour, the rate of survival diminishes. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer MyNotifi®, not only for fall detection, but for the mitigating features encoded into the device. These features greatly diminish the potential of finding loved ones in compromised situations where time is of the essence.

How It Works

MyNotifi - Device

Easy-to-use fall detection device. MyNotifi will notify friends and family in the event of a fall.

  • Immediately messages family and caregivers
  • Sends GPS location
  • Notifies even if unable to respond

There may be times when you need help from your family that may or may not be related to a fall. Maybe you are just not feeling well. MyNotifi's request for help feature will send a notification to your family of caregivers.

  • Notifies family and caregivers
  • Send GPS Location

If you need any type of help and your phone is not in reach, MyNotifi's tapping feature will send a notification to your family of caregivers.

The MyNotifi device securely attaches to a wristband that fits nice and snug.

  • Fits comfortably on wrist
  • No buckles or clasps

A better sensor of security

You want them to stay safe. They want to stay independent. Now there's a simple, wearable device that balances the two. MyNotifi uses wireless Bluetooth technology to keep you in the know in an emergency without the limitations of other medical alert systems. Only MyNotifi offers all of these benefits:

No call center necessary
No contracts or paperwork

No centralized home system or seperate on-the-go devices
No equipment installations or maintenance
Available for iOS® and Android™ devices
24/7 notifications to family and friends
Sends reminders when battery charge is needed

Falling is the leading cause of accidental deaths

for people over the age of 65. Even small

stumbles can lead to serious injuries.

Source: CDC

Fall detection in a wristband
MyNotifi is a worry-free device that stays with them — wherever their smartphone goes — without any added hassle or equipment when leaving the house.

Immediate alerts
MyNotifi automatically sends text notifications to family, friends and emergency contacts of your choosing as soon as a fall is detected.

Enhanced mobility
Exercise can reduce the risk of falling. The MyNotifi app is preloaded with several mobility exercises to increase strength and improve range of motion.

Not just for seniors
Chronic conditions can also increase the risk of falling. MyNotifi can be used to protect any loved one who has a higher risk of falling.


Their sense of freedom.

  • Secure, comfortable fit with an easy-to-adjust magnetic band
  • Waterproof design can be worn in the shower
  • Available in several stylish colors
  • Request help in ANY emergency situation by simply tapping the wristband with your hand or against an object

Your peace of mind

  • The MyNotifi algorithm is trained to be highly accurate in detecting falls, and fall notifications provide a precise location
  • Monitor their long-term mobility and range of motion
  • Because falls are detected using the device algorithm, your loved one will get the help even if they are unresponsive

MyNotifi Colors

Price $299

Included with MyNotifi

  • MyNotifi Band
  • Charging Cable
  • Setup Guide
  • Instructions Manual
  • Other Helpful Resources

Price $299

Download the app

The free MyNotifi app is available from both the App Store and on Google Play. Enable automatic updates to ensure you always have the latest version.

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It allows me to give my mother as much freedom as she needs and independence
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